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Our Story


PJ's Sleep & Home has been a trusted source for honest bedding and sleep solutions in Los Angeles for more than 26 years! Originally located in LA's infamous Fairfax District, PJ's was the staple in what was to be the "curated sleep store", something that had not been done in the mattress and bedding world at all in the early '90s. 

With a no-nonsense approach, transparency with every product, and a non-commission based sales staff, we've made the mattress buying experience less like buying a used car and more like an educational experience that allows you to wisely invest in the next 10-15 years of your rest, health, and well-being.

PJ's now specializes in Luxury-Organic mattresses & bedding from Ivy Organics and Ivy Extreme Green. 

Put your trust in us and you won't ever have to "shop" for another mattress.



Ivy Fradin - Owner