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Abbott Organic Mattress - pjs sleep and home
Abbott Organic Mattress - pjs sleep and home
Abbott Organic Mattress - pjs sleep and home
Abbott Organic Mattress - pjs sleep and home
Ivy Organics

The Abbot

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What does it feel like:
Firmness scale 1-10 with 1= extraordinarily soft and 10= hard like a rock.
The Ivy Organics Abbot mattress has a firmness level of 7. The smooth flat surface utilizes multiple soft layers of certified-organic cotton and certified-organic cruelty-free wool; which absorbs movement and provides optimum support. Even though it’s not necessary, many people like to layer this mattress using one of Ivy Organics toppers for designing their ultimate sleep experience. 
  • The covering is 100% certified-organic cotton knit (North Carolina)
  • The cushioning is 100% certified-organic cruelty-free wool TM (Oregon)
  • The padding is 100% certified-organic cotton (California or Texas)
  • Certified-organic Dunlop latex rubber hand layered between certified-organic-cotton and certified-organic cruelty-free wool TM
  • The certified-organic latex is double wrapped in organic cruelty-free felted wool TM  and certified-organic cotton.
  • A support base that utilizes recycled steel to create a nested, individually pocketed coil network. The diameter of the coil differs throughout the mattress offering optimal support and contouring.  
  • The entire mattress is stitched and tufted together to increase the longevity, stability, and comfort. These extra steps prevent the layers of padding from shifting and the cover from twisting, maintaining the structure and integrity of the mattress.
  • Mattress height – 13”
  • Adjustable base friendly – No
  • One-sided (can be flipped) – No
  • This mattress needs to be supported by slats no more than 1” apart or placed on a proper foundation.
  • Queen and King size mattresses using a frame must have center support legs from the middle of the mattress going down to the floor.
  • Ivy Organics mattresses are too substantial to be vacuum packed and squeezed into a little box.  When the mattress arrives, you can immediately go to sleep.
  • Any questions or concerns, please contact us.  We want your mattress to last and be comfortable for many, many years.

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