Organic Mattress Toppers

Organic mattress toppers attach to your mattress and are an ideal way to customize your organic mattress. Mattress toppers not only add plushness to your organic mattress, but are used to protect mattresses from dust, allergens, and spills, help the bed stay at a comfortable sleeping temperature, create a customized sleep environment on either side of a shared bed, and even reduce how much the bed moves when a sleeper moves around. Mattress toppers may be constructed from organic wool, organic cotton, organic latex or a combination of any of these. We offer a variety of organic mattress toppers from Ivy Organics and OMI Organicpedics so you can have an organic mattress topper with the desired balance of support, softness, and protection you need for a healthful sleep. Latex mattress toppers are constructed with 100% Organic Dunlop latex. Organic Dunlop Latex is breathable, mold and mildew proof, dust mite resistant, hypoallergenic, antifungal, and antibacterial. Latex toppers are ideal for those desiring additional support and durability. Ivy Organics latex toppers can also be designed with dual zone firmness levels for people who sleep together and prefer different comfort levels. Latex mattress toppers may have additional layers or coverings of certified organic cotton or organic wool.