Organic Cotton & Wool Pillows

Organic-Cotton & Wool Pillows


So, maybe going fully organic with a mattress isn't in the cards per se. Ivy Organics certified organic pillows are a great start if you're making the switch from inorganic. When you consider the amount of time spent sleeping and the fact that our largest organ, our skin is in contact with the very materials we're resting on, it's important to consider making even a small change that will have dramatic positive results. 

Most pillows from major retailers are a blend of materials sourced from all over the world. Most of these materials are unregulated and come from places that don't even have much environmental regulation, subjecting and exposing materials like polyester and other blended fabrics to a number of toxins, pollutants, and chemicals. 

Down pillows are expensive and frankly unnecessary when there are far more beneficial and sustainable materials like cotton and wool to use. Many can become hard and uncomfortable, and there is always the concern of one of those quills poking through your really nice pillowcases and hitting your cheek, or worse your eye!  



Both Ivy Organics Cotton and Wool pillows come in standard, Queen, & King sizes, and in a variety of fills from light, medium, and extra.

Ivy Organics pillows are handcrafted in Los Angeles, California using certified organic cotton and certified organic cruelty-free wool. 


Ivy Organics didn't invent the pillow. They just refined it.