Organic Conversation

Greenwashing is a marketing tactic meant to mislead and misinform buyers by carefully constructing phrases and target words in their product literature, like “organic, green, natural, and eco-friendly.” Now, others are appearing as consumers catch on to the gimmicks. There is no exception when it comes to greenwashing in the mattress and bedding industry. For most brands, it's easier to use deceptive wording in their marketing campaigns and packaging in an attempt to convince safety and health-conscious buyers that they are buying a truly safe, healthy, and honest product. It’s disenchanting to say the least and depending on how deep...

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Organic Mattresses: Worth the Spend?

The short answer: YES!    If you are like most newcomers to the organic mattress marketspace, it may seem overwhelming, confusing, and you may experience something called "sticker shock." There is a lot of industry jargon to break down, several phrases that are carefully worded to make everyday people think they are getting an honest product when they may not be, and most importantly, the price! Holy smokes, these organic, artisanal, handcrafted mattresses are the price of a Smart Car! It doesn't help either that the salespeople at some retailers are trying to squeeze every red cent out of you for...

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